IT support.

For those times when nothing wants to work when you need it most, we’ll be on hand to find a solution that gets you back in the game. We operate remotely and on site, so whether we dial in or take your seat, you’ll have the reassurance an expert is taking ownership of your issue.

your IT people.

Whether it’s unreliable connectivity, data loss, uncooperative software or system meltdown – you’ll have access to tech knowhow from accredited engineers that will enable you to operate smooth systems – wherever and whenever. So if you’re unable to send or receive emails, need help with password authentication, have outlook challenges, need support with remote working or just need your new phone or laptop set up, your IT people exist to get you back on track.


A reliable fast reaction IT support help-desk service, we also supply hardware replacements, a priority repair service and activate regular system updates – peace of mind for what really matters – staying connected.

whatever it takes.

Computers (yes, Apple too!), phones, handhelds, tills, EPOS, Wi-Fi, brands from the familiar to the famous, whatever you use is what we’ll support. If the first respondent doesn’t have the answer, the person next to them does. We work as a team and don’t stop until we’ve fixed the issue and have advised on a solution to avoid the issue happening again.

disaster recovery + business continuity.

Many companies recognise the need to back up their data, but comprehensive disaster recovery solutions are often only implemented after an IT disaster occurs.

ecc works with your business to implement a customised and robust, cloud-based back-up plan, so you are safeguarded from the effects of an IT catastrophe.

Our industry accepted, latest technologies ensure that if any systems do fail, information is recovered and your infrastructure is restored quickly as possible, minimising stress disruption to your business.

IT support just got personal.

We all face IT challenges every day in every field, you’re not alone. You’ll be connected with an engineer who you’ll be on first name terms with, because relationships matter. And once you’re up and running, we’ll even schedule a follow up call in the event you have any additional questions or concerns.